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OUGD505 - What Is Good - T-Shirt

Design / Print

I got the final shirt printed using t-shirt vinyl. I was actually planning on screen printing until I found a example t-shirt with neon pink vinyl. I think this colour was the exact same as all my printed material so felt it would be most appropriate to use this. I actually managed to get this printed front and back with the pink heat pressed vinyl with a free white t-shirt for £7.50 which was good, with the possibility for it being cheaper when ordering in larger quantities. Perfect for what I needed.


I took some photos with a live model, the beautiful Chris Shuttleworth. I added the pink in the background to try and tie it all in with my way finding and interior design. I'm not sure how effective these are of it they look obviously fake so i'll have to get some more feedback before going forward with these images. 

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