OUGD503 - Responsive - Photographer Branding - Stationary

From further talks with the client, and after realising she was happy with the initial designs of the business cards, I knew I could build on this to start to compile the rest of the stationary. This would include both web and print based deliverables. An online presence through a website, and social media as well as stationary sets for letterhead with envelope, compliment slip, leaflet / folio and promotional material...


Close Ups

Promotional Leaflet


Ipad / Iphone

OUGD503 - Responsive - Photographer Branding - Business Cards Photograph Set (1)

Sandwich Business Cards 

I crafted the original set of business cards to give the client an idea of how the product range might look, without having to create the whole thing. I used this light pink stock which was matched up from the chosen colour palette. I always had in mind that I would used a coloured stock which would also save on printed costs ( a one colour print job). 

To create the sandwich business cards, I had to use four layers of card stock to create a really thick finished card. After speaking with the client, she wanted the cards to feel expensive and durable enough to be passed around. The thickness is something that was a necessity. 

I used the front and back as the two pink sides and glued both of these down to another piece of black card stock. I then glued these together back to back and placed in a press for a hour until the glue was completely solid. I trimmed them down ever so slightly with a sharp scalpel to get perfect edges. This revealed the pink cards with the black sandwich line inside. 


These are some photos that I got of this technique. I will push these further by testing some foiling techniques, before using a quality print on the final ones and assembling. 

OUGD503 - Responsive - Photographer Branding - Imagery


My client has sent me some of her photography from different projects that she feels reflects her work in the best way possible. She would like me to use these somehow incorporated into the promotional material and business cards if possible. I instantly thought that to give consistency, a Black and White image applied over the chosen colour scheme would work best. You can view the original images here:-

Business Card Compositions

I thought that the simplest and most effective way of composing the logo and image together would to highlight the darker image with a light logo and vice versa. The frame fits perfectly into the business card and also works with the image behind it, making it look as thought the logo is the viewfinder.

I have cropped the images down and applied over the chosen colour scheme to get this consistancy through all the designs which allows them to work as a set, whilst also standing out on their own with their own photograph on there...

I also experimented with image placement and overlaying different images to get these weird and wonderful combinations. 

Colour Variants

I experimented further with composition and shape, where the colour is applied and what colours might work with the images. I still like the original ones better, and so does the client, but its always good to keep pushing the designs to see where they could be taken...

OUGD503 - Responsive - Photographer Branding - Logo


From originally discussing with the client, I went away to come up with some initial designs for the logo. When we spoke last, we was discussing the idea of using brackets around the type to act as the frame which is viewed when looking though a camera. This is something that seemed interesting to both of us.

At first, the client was fairly set on using a Serif Typeface for the logo, but I felt that in this particular case, a Sans Serif Typeface might work better. I Knocked up some rough logos and sent them over to see which ones she preferred. Heres just some of the ones she picked out. She liked the idea of focussing on the 'O' in her name as the focus for the logo. A perfect circle is important in photography for 100's of different reasons.

In the end, the client really liked the idea of using the type with more tracking, in full capitals and with the 'O' bold. I wanted to put emphasis on the 'O' somehow but thought this might be a little bit too obvious. The client really liked the idea. The circle represents the lens of the camera more than anything , but I suppose it has various different meanings.

Colour Swatches

These are some initial colour swatches I come up with to try and draw the best results, getting a nice balance of chosen colours working together;-

Chosen Colours : Coral or Light Pink

When reporting back to the client, a light pink, salmon, skin tone was the favoured range of colours but she was also interested in the more vibrant colour of the coral, which is much more orange. I will take these further to see how the logo might work with both...

Applying The Logo


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