Proverbally Yours - Refined

After some more feedback, i decided to strip the design for the type poster down to this. I am pleased now with the final result, and think this works better than before. 

Proverbally Yours - Posters

Final Three Posters

Proverbally Yours -Type Poster - Decisions

I'm finding it hard deciding between these two of which one to use. I need to know which one looks best in general, and which one works best in the set also. It's too tough for me to decided so i'm going to get some feedback from peers before deciding. 

Proverbally Yours -Type Poster - Minimalist

Here are just some of the better variations i went through for the more minimalist type poster. The first three are literally as simple as you can get. Gets the message across and would look good when accompanied by the other two posters in a set. I then started to look at adding meaning to the type. I adding lines on some designs to symbolise the lines in a 'LOCK'. In others i spaced the type out so you couldn't read it at first until you look at it more closely. The reason for this was to symbolises a 'CODE' which again relates to 'LOCK' and being safe not giving information away. In one i played around with hiding the white letters that spell out the sentence in between light blue letters. So after numerous ideas being experimented with, i finally decided that the simple type with subtle meaning and influence getting added in there would work the best with my other two posters. 

Proverbally Yours -Type Poster - Key and Lock Outline

I had a couple of idea running for the type poster. My first one was to create the shape of a lock and key out of type, but i'm not too sure if this would fit with the running theme, even though it is using a lock as imagery. From the previous simple designs i had created previously, i went on to make some more in better detail...

This was just playing around with a few ideas. The first one is following an outline of a KEY.The second two are variations of the KEY going into a PADLOCK. I like the concept behind this, but i'm not too sure how well this would fit into the other two designs. I feel that by keeping the type poster much more minimilast. it will help to flow better in the set of three. Also i thought it was quite fitting that as i had the proverb 'It's always better to be on the safe side' that i would take a safe bet with my type and keep it really simple. As the famous saying goes when it comes to design, less is more. 

Proverbally Yours -Type and Image - Development



I had a couple of (TERRIBLE) attempts before finally settling on the much simpler version for the type and image poster. The main focus i wanted to be on was the branding and logo on the front of the lock. keeping the shapes around it quite minimal. I think this is the best result, not 100% happy with it, but it works well and fits with my other two posters as a set. Also the concept is good and works well here.

Proverbally Yous - Type and Image Poster - Development

For the type and image poster combined, my idea was to take the image of a singular lock, and brand the front of it, with the proverb in a sort of logo kind of style. I thought this was a neat idea, making the poster look like an advertising piece for some sort of lock company such as 'Yale'. In this case the company would be called 'Safe Side' with the slogan being, 'It's always better to be on the safe side' of course! I wanted this to not deter to much from the original idea of the running theme. This is why i want the final piece to be red and blue, these are just some developmental peices. I'm also not 100 % on the layout yet. I've had an idea that i might use an almost 'zoomed in' section of the first poster, where you can just see some lock interlinking, but it primarily focuses on one lock. Then have the branding on the lock. The logo and type itself i am happy with. Yes, it needs cleaning up a bit, but the overall layout of that on the front of the lock works well in my opinion. 

Proverbally Yours - Image Poster - Variations

After changing the lock design to this pastel red colour, i'm now starting to like it. However, i thought it made the image look a little flat, although the illustrations are 3D. I wanted to experiment layering colours together to see if that gave off a better effect. 

By taking away the border and layering up the 3D red and blue colours, iv'e achieved this quite nice pastel grey/brown colour overlap in between. Not sure if this would be classed as using just two colours as they brief stated, but definitely getting some nicer results this way. 

Making the overlap more subtle here. some, just has that slight blurred, 3D effect, works really well. 

Making the colours much darker, still works well, but starts to get a bit hectic for the eyes to handle. 

I like this outcome the most because of the colour scheme. I wanted to stick with the pastel red and blue colours as a running theme throughout each poster and by stiripping it down to just these colours printing on some nice stock (maybe newsprint) i think this will work the best.

Proverbally Yours - Further Development

Using the same illustrations of the locks i previously created, i linked them all together, almost to look like they was all falling across the page. When i was creating this i loved the idea but looking at it again, the outlines look too messy and too much going on. I need to somehow simplify the design, or strip it completely down. To do this i tried to add this pretty gaudy gold colour (which i hate, not sure why i did it). This seemed to make more sense, adding colour, as it simplified the design, but still didn't look quite right. WORK IN PROGRESS!

Proverbally Yours - Padlock Drawings

Creating some interesting results now, trying to link some of these illustrations together.
Quite a nice concept, and seems to be working well. 

Proverbally Yours - Padlock Drawings

As i'm going with the idea of using Padlock's as a symbol for 'SAFE', i decided to do some quick sketches of padocks. then some more refined outline drawings of them in illustrator. Here are the results - gonna work with these primarily as a starting point for my 'Image' poster, but hope to keep it a running theme throughout, linking padlocks into it throughout.

proverbally Yours - Logo

Refined version of the 'Safe Side' logo. I touched the logo up using the pen tool in illustrator. I made an outline and a fill of the logo.

Proverbally Yours - Logo Development

After going with the logo idea (See idea HERE). After wanting quite a handwritten font, i thought the best way was to first of all see what i could come up with handwritten, based from research. I got some nice results and then went on to refine some of my drawings of handwritten, script, cursive font in photoshop. I wanted to make the 'S's' stand out, therefore have made them a little bigger than the other type. They are still not perfect, need a little work and could be a little neater. However, i like the basic concept, and think it will look great in my final designs. 

Proverbally Yours - Type Poster Development

Just another attempt at a basic type layout for the proverb, this time using the typeface 'Bebas' in photoshop. I quite like the simpleness of he design. It does do it's job and gets the message across but to me, it just isn't aesthetically pleasing enough. Good development of an idea, but i'm not sure if i could go on to use this in the final piece, i'l have to see where it goes. 

Another idea that doesn't work as well. Again like the overall layout and concept but the shape of the type does not really make up a lock or symbolise 'Safe' in anyway. 

Proverbally Yours - Type Poster Development

Iv'e been experimenting one of my initial design ideas a little further. Still only basic ideas at the moment but iv'e been playing around with the positioning of the type in order to mould it into the shape of the lock. I obviously want my brand name 'Safe Side' to be at the top of the hierarchy of my proverb, therefore that will make up the biggest solid part of my padlock. The other part of the proverb ' It's always better to stay on the...' i thought may look nice curved around the lock, making up the top section.  

Doesn't look quite amazing yet, but definitely something i can work on, as i quite like the concept. 

Proverbally Yours - Design Ideas Feedback

Type Poster

After receiving some feedback, i have decided that these selection of design ideas are the ones i need to push further for the typography poster. I personally am drawn more towards the letters making up the shape of a padlock. Think this works really well and would make a great poster when refined and thought about more in detail. 

Type and Image Poster

Again, from the feedback i received, i decided to select the best designs from the type and image design ideas. These are a selection. Again people seemed to like the padlock idea, with the logo on. This could be a running theme throughout my posters. I also like the code design with the text on the buttons, other people seemed to like this also, so i could see myself developing this design also. 

Image Poster

Did the same thing again for the image poster. This was abit more experimental than the other two, using just padlocks. I want to experiment with it, but also link all three posters together, which is part of the brief. Will have to think of a way i can do this. Might end up going with the padlock idea again. 

Proverbally Yours - Design Ideas

Here's some simple sketches of initial design ideas. I tried to create around 15-20 ideas for each poster... type, image, type and image. I will then look over these designs, get some feedback on some of the ideas then choose some favourites which i would like to develop further into possible poster designs. 

Proverbally Yours - Starting Point

For this weeks brief, everybody was give a 'Proverb' to work with. From this, we have to create 3 posters... type, image and image and type, that are based on the proverb you are given. I have to work at a 2:1 A3 scale and also only using two colours so this will be an interesting challenge.

I was given the proverb... 'It is better to stay on the safe side'. This is y initial design sheet. I have just been brainstorming some ideas of how i can visualise this proverb. Looking for what imagery links in with it, what other words link to it and the definition of it. I have also started to come up with some initial ideas that have come into my head straight away. I'l have to see if i can add or develop these further.

Naming the Type

We was also asked to name the other typefaces, we had created. The top one is the one i chose to use, named, Moustacha. The others in order downwards i decided to name them;

-  Cursive Fizz
- Street Art Stencil
- Bubble Western
-Block Modern Western


I'm not really impressed with these results but from the task, it was hard to get a really nice looking typeface that would work in all the different styles too. The top two are light and light italic. The next two are regular and regular italic. Then theres Bold and Bold italic. and finally, my original letterform, which i used as Ultrabold condensed. I neatened the original letterforms up in illustrator, but still not that impressed with some of the results. 

Alphabet Soup - Final Typeface

To create my final typeface, i used the same technique as before. Using the images i had taken of the scanned hair, i tried to find certain elements in the hair which could relate to each letter. For example, i chose a looped string of hair for the letter 'O'.

I created my type by printing off the images of the scanned hair and using a light box, hand drawing each individual letter. This took a LONG time. When i finished this, i scanned them all in, and using grids and guides, created an A1 template of my typeface, ready to be printed and traced off at a later date.

My only concern would be if i can recreate the same intricate lines on a smaller scale. My letters are around 8x8cm. I have done a few test of this, printing them smaller and re-tracing them up and they seem to transfer to this size good. I would maybe just have to make certain areas less intricate which is a bit of annoying , but the final result should look really nice 

Final Typeface (digital)

I also created a name badge for Josh as part of the brief. I wanted to go with the old school american sticker name badge style with the 'My Name Is' because i thought it would be a pretty cool idea and would be a nice background for my type to sit on. I knocked up a quick template for the badge then added my type over the top of it...

Anamtomy Of Type - Creating Letterforms

The task was to select 5 upper case and 5 lower case letterforms of 5 different letters, in a broad range of styles that you find interesting. 

The selected letters i chose to work with for this task. 

We had to then form a completely new letterform by blending the upper and lower case parts together. 

The finished results, when combing the upper and lower case letters, to make a completely new typeface. Some interesting results. 

I then scanned thee letters into photoshop. made them neater and much more like a n actual letterform. traced the outline in photoshop and created a silhouette, filled in version and an outline version.

Alphabet Soup - Typeface - New Typeface

Some ideas iv'e been getting down involving more 'cartoon' like conceptions of hair. I've tried a few types out to base my font from but 'BLACKOAK STD' seemed to work the best for what i was trying to do. I used the same basic idea as the last font i begin to create, and again tried to add elements of other aspects of josh's personality, so it wasn't so literally about his hair. 

I then went on to create a more refined typeface, based off my ideas from the design sheets.Tried to keep the same style throughout, and i think this has worked as well as my last idea, and would also look good at a smaller scale, which could be a problem with my other idea. I will now have to compare both routes i have decided to take, creating my font, and see which one works best, and serves the purpose it is meant to. 

Alphabet Soup - Typeface - Illustrative Hair Font Experimentations

I have started to experiment by drawing from the scans i took of hair.

I firstly just started scribbling using the scans as reference, just to get the basic shapes and forms that hair takes. This was a rough, pretty bad attempt, but gives me an idea of how the font can be inspired by the shapes of hair.

I used a basic 'ARIAL BLACK' font, for now, just to see if this would actually work on the most basic of fonts. I looked for sections in my drawings and scans that i thought fit the letters 'A' and 'B'. As you can see on the 'A', there i a section of hair coming down the left hand side of the letter and then another large section stretching across the crossbar of the letter. This seemed like the best way to fit the hair more naturally into the letterforms. I did a similar thing to the 'B'. The left hand side has hair coming down and the hair starts to curve around the curves of the letter towards the right hand side, working in my favour. 

I traced, re-formed and re-traced the hair, in different ways until i was happy with a finished result. A good starting point for this project. 

Alphabet Soup - Typeface - Hair Scans

Here are some scans i made of long hair. I want to use these images to see what textures, structures and forms hair takes so i can make some drawings that will be useful when creating my type. 


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