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OUGD505 - What Is Good - Laser Cutting Poster

Initial Experiments

My orinal idea was to only cut half of the letter out and then bend the card outwards to cast a shadow across the page and forming the other half of the letter. However, when I tried this on a smaller scale to see if was possible, the letter that weren't symmetrical was really hard to figure out. You can just about see that this says 'We are', but I think if this would have been translated to a bigger scale, then it just would be too difficult to read.

 Instead I went for a straight forward letter cut out idea, with the neon stock shining through. This is equally as cheap to product because there is still no ink used which means that the only things you need to pay for is the stock really, and this can be produced on a much large scale easily. 


The Layout of the poster is derived from my original concept of using straight to the point conversational British phrases in order to cause instant impact, grab attention and to make people proud to be British, so this is what I went with. I altered it slightly in terms of typesetting, and adding more information at the bottom of the poster to give it relevance. 


I mounted the white card onto the neon pink stock with a really thick border to give it more definition. 

Close Ups

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